General Statement
The Partners of Mountford Pigott LLP are committed to providing effective oversight of the practice, setting the strategic direction and ensuring organisational viability. Our Governance Policy provides guidance to Mountford Pigott LLP in developing and implementing governance systems to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and financial obligations, and to ensure that the practice meets the needs of its clients.

Mountford Pigott LLP views good governance and management practice as essential to fulfilling its goals in a responsible manner. Mountford Pigott LLP’s guiding principles include:

  • Providing a professional service to clients in accordance with its RIBA Charter and the ARB Code of Conduct
  • Operating with integrity and fairness
  • Valuing and respecting diversity
  • Acting with social responsibility
  • Acting sustainably with respect to its own operations as well as in its design activity
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Partners conducting their affairs legally and ethically.
  • Partners’ diversity in skills and experience is valued.

Mountford Pigott’s goals are:

  • to provide a high quality architectural service to its clients
  • to create sustainable, successful places for stakeholders
  • to create an inclusive and equitable workplace for staff to develop professionally and thrive

All employees are expected to co-operate and assist in the implementation of our Governance Policy. This Policy Statement and accompanying documentation is made available to all staff and forms part of all new staff inductions.